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Brevard County Florida

Brevard County Florida has a vibrant economy combining high-tech and other industry with tourism, agriculture, and other service businesses and organizations.

Brevard County Florida is the home of the Kennedy Space Center and our Nation's space shuttle launch site.

For additional information, you may wish to visit the Melbourne/Palm Bay Chamber of Commerce, or the Cocoa Beach Area Chamber of Commerce, or the Titusville Chamber of Commerce.


Brevard County Florida is home to 460,977 people residing in fifteen municipalities and unincorporated areas (based on U.S. Census Bureau information).


Picture of Space ShuttleBrevard County Florida’s public, and numerous private, elementary and secondary schools provide a high quality education and are consistently rated above the state average. Brevard Community College, with campuses in the north, central, and south areas of the county, along with extensions of the University of Central Florida and Rollins College, provide an outstanding educational environment. Florida Technological University has a full campus in the south end of the county. Barry University School of Law is located in Orlando, which is approximately 35 miles west of Titusville.


From the Canaveral National Seashore Park in the north of the county to Sebastian Inlet State Park at the southern tip of the county, there are miles and miles of sandy beaches for recreation.

The parks and recreation departments of the county and various municipalities, along with private business concerns, operate recreational facilities such as golf courses, racquetball courts, ball fields, skateboard parks, an ice-skating rink, beach and lake-side parks.


Picture of Cruise ShipBrevard County Florida is the spring training home of the Montreal Expos National League baseball team. Port Canaveral’s thriving cruiseship industry, along with the Kennedy Space Center, NASA, and Astronaut Hall of Fame, provide wonderful recreational opportunities. The Maxwell C. King Center for the Performing Arts provides a wide variety of musical, theatrical, and intellectual fare on a year-round basis. Additionally, world famous Disney World, Sea World, Universal Studios and other popular attractions are within one and one-half hours driving time.

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